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Oil Massage

For hundreds of years, massage therapists in various parts of the globe have held onto the belief that essential oils are the secret ingredient to unlocking the hidden benefits of a massage. However, this is hardly a surprise. Essential oils have tremendous medical uses that can help stimulate mental and physical healing when combined with a massage.

What is Oil Massage?

Like most of the massage techniques common in our world today, the oil massage can trace its roots down to the Indian sub-continent, where it has been a form of Ayurvedic therapy for countless decades. Traditionally, most practitioners combined the oils with herbs to help activate their medical qualities. Together, therapists believed this mixture could help with various issues, such as cleansing the skin, providing moisture to the body, and recreating the mental balance crucial to a peaceful mind.

Today, the oil massage is far more popular than it was hundreds of years ago, and you will likely find a variant of it in all corners of the globe. In modern aromatherapy, a practitioner will generally add a tiny amount of oil to a massage lotion before rubbing it directly onto the skin. This combination of the oil with the traditional massaging of the muscles and bones is fantastic at enhancing the benefits of a typical session and providing mental and physical healing.

Alternatively, a massage therapist may also diffuse this mixture through the room during an aromatherapy oil massage to help activate its medical properties. As an illustration, the scent of lavender oil is tremendously soothing and relaxing. So, inhaling it during a full body massage can help you feel calmer and more composed.

Oil Massage vs. Dry Massage?

Although the end goal of all massages is always to help reduce tension, there are various ways to do this. If you opt for a dry massage technique, such as a Thai massage, your practitioner will carry out the entire session without any lotions or oils. With this method, your therapist’s pulling and stretching techniques are all you need to gain comfort.

On the other hand, oil massages kick things up a notch by focusing on using the additional benefits of essential oils to help provide an unforgettable experience.

Benefits of
oil massage

Getting a high quality massage does not just feels incredibly good for the body, but there is also a scientific factor with all the endorphin that’s getting released in the process. The benefits of oil massage are too numerous to fit in this section, but here are just some of them. 

It Can Help Improve Circulation

Our hearts are the beating drums of our existence, and keeping them healthy is crucial to a long and quality life. Fortunately, a full body oil massage is an excellent way to boost circulation and lower the risk of heart disease, as this technique produces a significant amount of heat in the body. This consistent wave of pressure and heat helps activate the blood vessels and nerves in the massage area, as well as move blood through any congested regions.

With an oil massage, the mind should begin to feel sharper, organ function should increase, and you may also notice a natural lushness to your skin. In 2020, researchers confirmed this long-term belief that massages can help improve circulation after discovering that a short massage in the lower limb can help improve blood flow in surrounding regions.

It Helps to Cleanse the Skin​

As we age and time begins to show on our faces, keeping our skin clean and free from dirt always becomes a top priority. However, while there are different ways of cleansing the skin, few can compete with the ease and pleasure of an oil massage. Certain aromatherapy mixtures are excellent at removing dirt and dead skin from the body, ensuring that our skin continues to look flush and fresh.

In particular, a coconut oil massage can have tremendous effects on the skin due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. As your therapist massages a coconut mixture onto the skin, dirt and dead layers should fade off your body. Coconut oil is also fantastic at hydrating and protecting the skin, making this massage an outstanding choice for those that want to remain moisturized after their session.

Other Benefits of an Oil Massage

How to prepare for oil massage

Getting ready for an oil massage is relatively easy, and you shouldn’t face many problems. However, to ensure that you have the best experience, here are three preparation tips you may want to follow before popping into your session:

  • Have a light snack at least one hour before the massage
  • Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking a cup of tea or water before visiting the spa, or at the spa​
  • Choose the essential oil for the problem you are facing​

The oil massage is one of the best holistic treatments that we use in our world today. This combination of powerful aromas with the kneading of a massage will have you feeling refreshed and stress-free. If you have been struggling with tension, circulation, or anxiety issues and believe you may benefit from aromatherapy, don’t hesitate to look through Massage Scanner to find an oil massage in Chiang Mai.

What to expect at oil massage

If you are more familiar with dry massages, this technique may feel strange at first. However, you must remember that aromatherapy always centers its therapeutic process around oils, so you should expect your skin to get slick and slightly slippery.

Before kickstarting the session, a practitioner will likely display the various oils and tell you about their benefits. However, doing a little research before visiting the spa will not hurt. Reading up about the different types of essential oils will help you make an informed decision about the treatment type you want and also ensure you do not react negatively to the oil.

You must also remember that no two oils are the same, and you should always pick a treatment according to your needs. If you prefer coming out of your session feeling more relaxed, olive oil may be the best body oil for massage as it helps improve blood circulation and tranquility. However, if the end goal is to feel more cleansed and moisturized, you may want to opt for a coconut oil massage.

Potential risks
and side effects of oil massage

Although most oils are safe to use, we always recommend speaking to a doctor about potential allergies before a session. This precaution will help you avoid any negative reactions, such as:

Can I Have an Oil Massage While Pregnant?

Although most pregnant women will not face any issues while having an oil massage, you must also be aware of the risks. Generally, our rule of thumb is to always speak to a gynecologist before placing any sessions on a calendar.

Additionally, if you have any history of blood clots or pain around your calf area, you may also want to reschedule any upcoming massages until after your due date.

Where is the Best Oil Massage in Chiang Mai?

Although Chiang Mai is tremendously popular for its serene environment and the beautiful temples dotting its landscape, the city is also famous for its spas.

Green Bamboo Massage

Since its inception in 2009, this family-run spa has carved out a space on the streets of Chiang Mai as the first eco-friendly spa in the city. This focus on sustainability means that all materials used for their treatments are completely organic, including their lotions and oils. This array of natural products includes their homemade Aloe Vera Oil, which Green Bamboo believes is the best oil for massage.

This spa has an extensive range of treatments, including coconut oil massages, Thai massages, and much more. If you would like to learn about the sustainable and organic treatments available at Green Bamboo, don’t hesitate to visit them in Chiang Mai.

Spa Mantra

At Spa Mantra, there is a core understanding that delivering an unforgettable experience is what separates them from other massage spots. This spa, which sits right in the beating heart of Chiang Mai, is private and opts for a contemporary design that will wow newcomers while introducing a sense of familiarity to old customers.

The therapists at Spa Mantra have tremendous experience in delivering a wide range of massages, including aromatherapy treatments, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting an oil massage here. Additionally, as this spot places a core focus on variety, you can expect to choose from an expansive selection of oil treatments.

Lull and Chill

The Lull and Chill spa sits comfortably in the north part of Chiang Mai and presents a modern alternative to more popular massage spots in the city. This spa centers itself on using music and aromatic oils to allow clients and visitors to gain relaxation and achieve calmness.

Lull and Chill are also tremendously spacious, with several rooms spanning over four floors, including various aromatherapy rooms on the third and fourth floors. If you opt for an oil massage at Lull and Chill, you can expect the session to last anywhere between two to four hours, so be sure to block out enough time to get a complete experience.

Wrap up

The oil massage is one of the best holistic treatments that we use in our world today. This combination of powerful aromas with the kneading of a massage will have you feeling refreshed and stress-free. If you have been struggling with tension, circulation, or anxiety issues and believe you may benefit from aromatherapy, don’t hesitate to look through Massage Scanner to find an oil massage spot near you.

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